I am an Industrial Designer from Hong Kong pursuing a BFA in Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout my life, I've had an affinity for solving problems, from creating a better storage system for utensil at home as a kid to developing a medical device carrying case that increase compliance. My education in empathic design enables me specify challenge spaces and synthesize them to form comprehensive solutions. I particularly enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary environment where I could immerse myself with the material of subject.

Besides design work, I am also very passionate about my culture. Being the social chair of the Brown RISD Hong Kong Student Association, I connect students from the two schools together as well as educate the wider student body about the Hong Kong Culture. 

As part of my third year study, I also exchanged at the University of Edinburgh for a semester. Through that experience I was able to expand my horizons and grow my connections. This has also heavily impacted my design sensibility to appreciate external perspectives, cultures, and attitudes.

I am currently seeking an entry level position in which my knowledge of materials, fabrication techniques, innovative problem-solving and empathic design skills can be applied while being exposed to the professional design industry.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or business queries, please feel free to contact me at plau01@risd.edu